To the Hollow Night Lyrics - mallory

Dance, Fall

Left our old strange homes 
a little bit late 
when we took off on the interstates unknown

the porch is quiet now 
there's still soap in the sink 
and all of the flittering songs 
grow loud

maybe we will meet again 
in some distant places 
and see our own faces and then

you are here 
and so we all 
despite our fear 
we love

we love the dance 
so we love the fall 
we take the cup 
and drink it all

This World Needs You

oh, when the lights 
when the lights have left 
where will you find your breath? 
in all the times you thought you weren't worth it 
in all the times that yr lungs were hurting 
and longed to put words 
to a prayer 
but found only air. 
we live in a world that is always giving 
in a body that is always spilling 
out and over into the howl 
into the howling wind 
this world needs you living

Light on the Hill

Hollow night 
four weeks for 
this drought we wrought 
moon is a

frayed open hole 
stayed up all night 
we are waiting here 
for him to come

oh light on the hill 
i thought you were a star 
or at least a flame 
from a needy heart 
as if only i could ever find firewood.

how do we keep warm? 
what has burned for this? 
this singing born 
from a cage of ribs 
as if only birds could know the thrill of flight.

wrap me in wings 
throw me out into the light 
where i'll get stuck in a branch 
and woven into the night 
where the lace of the trees is a thread at the seam of sight.


give it time 
give it lots of good sunlight 
give it a name and a proper burial 
invite everyone to the funeral

dance like 
a drunk little kid 
give safe harbor in 
the cove of your ribs 
watch over the sleeping ships

for tomorrow 
they go back out to sea 
and who knows the next 
cove where they will be 
in what bed they will sleep

up to 
the roof or the rise 
of the hill or the battlements 
give it sky 
give it hope on high

in the dirt and the dew 
we never know what 
the dawn is gonna do 
what the day will turn into

keep on the prowl 
keep in good touch 
we may touch too much 
or sometimes not enough 
may we all speak up.

Queen of Stones

Thought I saw it rise and curl up in your spine 
Thought I heard the bells ring as you hung the wash to dry 
Softly in the moonlight I saddled the horse to ride

Brother let me go. I have built a ship 
The spirit of the rose is rising with it 
Queen of stones I ask will you keep my fire 
i've been ferried from my past on the waves of desire

I've taken all I need. It is all I ogt. 
Bring me to the sea, for it has what I have not. 
Queen of stones I ask will you keep my fire 
For all my wood is wet and it's not getting any drier

Queen Of stones, I have flown. 
I've made my way 
I've come into your maze, Queen of Stones.

Goat Song

don't be 
so sad 
full moon 
with you

all the 
crazy nights 
dark blue

when the day breaks 
following the night song 
illuminates but not for long 

a little thing 
silvery and splintering 
light hits the lens and shatters in 
picking pieces pluck the string 
now left shuddering

there are 
that i 
would hide 
but you 
have found 
your way 
all me

all lost 

Drought's End

in that old summer the sun 
picked us off one by one 
we were burning up and out

but when the cool night would rise 
from the clover to the skies 
we would cry this drought will drown

at times you are a torrent. 
you would sweep my shelter off 
and i would be left 
with limbs and a will to live

i would be left without a purpose 
other than knowing how to swim 
oh to enter into a humbling flood of a friend 
oh to get to witness the thunderous drought's end.


i dreamt you had a pair of black wings 
unfurling like fiddlehead ferns in the spring. 
you hung suspended in the air 
you were buyouant brimming and bare. 
a hundred years couldn't wash us clean 
so we wring our hands in the dried up stream 
the stones rose slow like ghosts from the frost heaves 
and the grey earth gives over to green.

we catch our breath and trap the wind 
it's cold, but we let it in--all we know is 
that the nettles sting and what the summer brings 
is that the water comes, that the water comes out 
rising like morning.

break the glass and sharpen prayer 
hang the mirror o'er the chair.

hang the sun over the hill 
as the dry stream slowly fills.

hang the hunger from the boughs. 
burn the seeds and blunt the plows.

the hill the chair, the mirror the sun 
all our stories come undone.

Breath Below (Hallelujia)

hallelujah hardly knew you 
i will let you go. 
your streets and my spine 
once entwined now unwind 
uncoiling in the snow

i will find my breath below 
where the sun becomes shadow

limped away from here like a wounded deer 
i was trailing all your ghosts. 
wish me speed from these streets of defeat, 
of bone and cobblestone.

leaving paths in the snow 
weaving the past with the falling ash 
and burning the road 
i will find my breath below 
where the sun becomes shadow.

hallelujah, hardly knew you 
i will let you go. 
i will find my breath below 
where the sun becomes shadow.


(no text)

Who In the Night

Break Bread, Break Bread for the hungry. 
We all survive just the same

If we make it through the morning 
we will make it through the day

And our lives are all so confused and tired. 
sometimes we feel we've lost the fire 
We remember the orchard and the ladders we wrapped 
in the cloth we cut from our backs

It was jus ttoo much to handle for us all 
we stood naked and cold in the squall 
When the harvest came we forgot 
and the apples returned to rot

We Rise.

But we knew what the trees could provide 
when we lay in that dappled light 
We never knew hunger there 
and now the orchard lies bare

Of course we all yearn to return 
but some bridges don't get unburned 
Our pockets are still full of seeds 
they tremble with hope 
In the evening

They Rise.

Who in the light in the harbour in your eyes, 
who would survive? 
Who in the night on these paths came before us 
and filled the wine? 
Who made this home so gently in the forrest 
with no goodbye?

Dear Virginia

Dear virginia, you have been kind to me 
here's me thanking you honestly 
i've only got it in me to say it this one time 
thank you do not worry i am going to be fine 
i will leave you just as quickly as i came 
i stayed long enough to learn your name.

some nights i wanna burn this whole country down 
tonight i am grateful for this lonely patch of ground 
treat me with some tenderness and some empathy 
i'm a stranger in town.

I'm sorry we're not together 
but the stars shine all the same 
and if they're not so brightly now 
i know that i'm to blame 
dear Virginia--I have learned your name.