About Folkroutes

An experiment to represent a physical network as a browsable digital presence using metaphors of the universe and the ocean. Folkroutes shows a real network of people and projects, which can be explored through the star map. The website is very experimental, and should not be expected to work



a star is a point in the network that can log in to the website, create floatsam, and make changes.


constellations are natural occurrances of connections


Can be a person, a project, a band, a collective, or some connecting element. Users can create and join floatsam.


Members of the network (floatsam) can log in and cast jetsam into the void. Visitors can look, listen, browse, and see the real connections of this network.


email: folkroutes@gmail.com

youtube: youtube


a project of niko.io and great falls

Made with open source technologies including: django, d3.js, underscore.js, and a whole lot of ajax. You can clone it on github